Is it okay to “grade shame” your kid?

  The post simply said, “My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone.” The image has received over three million views in one day. The parent added in a follow-up remark on the thread, “I promise it’s a matter of motivation.” I’m no parenting expert, but the missing phone would be motivation […]

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    This six-to-eight session program is designed to build and reinforce skills to maximize academic performance. It    is perfect for students who have ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges. Topics addressed include: Session 1  – Learning Styles: Assessment, Left/Right Brain Assessment, Study Habits Inventory, Interpretation of data Session 2  – Focus: Causes/effects of poor focus, creating optimal environment, improving focus […]

The Boomerang Effect: college students flunking out; are parents to blame?

By Susan Schaefer Is anyone else disturbed by the alarming number of kids who happily go off to the college of their dreams and are right back in their old bedrooms by the end of the first year, or semester, or week? Just when you thought the nest was empty, there they are again; with […]