The Boomerang Effect: college students flunking out; are parents to blame?

By Susan Schaefer Is anyone else disturbed by the alarming number of kids who happily go off to the college of their dreams and are right back in their old bedrooms by the end of the first year, or semester, or week? Just when you thought the nest was empty, there they are again; with […]

Studying and Cellphones are a Lethal Combination

Originally published in How to solve the dilemma? There’s an app for that. By Susan Schaefer, M.Ed., M.A.T., Academic Coaching Associates While studying with an active cellphone nearby doesn’t actually put lives in danger, it does kill grades. As I have told more of my students than I can count, turning off cellphones, or any […]

Best Special Education Accommodations To Ask For at Your Child’s PPT/IEP or 504 Meeting