Signs Your Child May Have Executive Function Disorder

Is your child the kid who is running down the school hallway, late for class again, with papers flying out of his unzipped backpack ? If so, it may be a bigger issue than you think. Signs of Students with Executive Function Disorder: • Chronically messy backpack • Easily distracted • Teacher needs to repeat […]

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Studying by 70%

If you could just make a few tweeks to the way you study and improve the effectiveness by 60-70%, would you do it?  This is without adding more time.  Now I have your attention, right?  As much as this sounds like an pitch in an infomercial, it’s not, all you need to do is switch […]

5 Essential Study Strategies for Academic Success

reposted from: 4/22/13 Based on my experience, and the research that corroborates it, I can attest that strong study skills and consistent study habits are two of the biggest components of general academic success, and that these skills and habits can help you stay competitive with people who may seem “smarter” than you. 1. PLAN YOUR […]

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