Studying and Cellphones are a Lethal Combination

Originally published in How to solve the dilemma? There’s an app for that. By Susan Schaefer, M.Ed., M.A.T., Academic Coaching Associates While studying with an active cellphone nearby doesn’t actually put lives in danger, it does kill grades. As I have told more of my students than I can count, turning off cellphones, or any […]

Best Special Education Accommodations To Ask For at Your Child’s PPT/IEP or 504 Meeting


Tips for Overcoming Math Anxiety

 reposted from article by Nneka Kirkland Math test anxiety can be described as overwhelming, anxious feelings when preparing for and taking math tests.  Students who are affected by math test anxiety “freeze up” the moment they sit down to take a math test, even though they know and understand the material very well.  Many of my […]