Another Look at the “Benefits” of Summer School

Some thoughts about summer school and summer camp. Posted by Susan Schaefer There has been a growing trend in certain communities for high school students to take some required classes in the summer in order to make room in their schedules for more AP classes.  I find this to be a sad commentary on our society. No wonder […]

Is Math the ‘Ugly Neglected Step-Sister’ of Reading

  by Susan Schaefer, M. Ed., M.A.T. When we talk about keeping kids’ academic skills sharp during the summer, we usually talk about summer reading. All kids have summer reading assignments in one form or another. However, we know that losing ground in reading is highly correlated with socio-economic status. While kids from lower income […]

The Straight A Method of Studying

  Work Accomplished = Time Spent x Intensity Reposted 6/12/14 Original article by by Cal Newport   The Straight-A Method In the early 2000′s, I was obsessed with study habits. The obsession began with my interest in performing well at Dartmouth, then eventually evolved into a (surprisingly popular) book. Something I uncovered during this period is […]